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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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song from the forest starts first w. . place. this is d w news live from berlin new zealand in mourning after a deadly attack on two mosques as christ church remembers the forty nine victims of friday's massacre this is that the gunman has appeared in court and has been charged with murder also coming up. bonfires police clashes and looting in the streets of paris as yellow vest protesters demand change in the
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french capital it's a crucial moment for the protests which have now taken place for eighteen consecutive weekends. welcome to the program i'm married to evanston. less than twenty four hours after the mass shootings at two mosques in new zealand the suspected gunman has appeared in court and has been charged with murder the twenty eight year old australian man brenton terror and was remanded without a plea until his next court appearance which is scheduled for april fifth new zealand's prime minister just into our turn has promised the country's gun laws will change in light of the attack she's been reassuring muslim community leaders in christ church meeting over personally with them the attack left forty nine
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people dead and many dozens more injured. it's new zealand's worst ever peacetime mass killing and the community of christ church is struggling to process the events they were supposed to be safe in a country that prides itself on being welcoming and inclusive but the massacres at two of their places of worship have stunned the people of christchurch it really hit home because i used to go to that mosque rights to play big used to hang out there with my friends and stop so seeing that something like this is here it was from here where you know we we feel islamophobia and racism and xenophobia is something just something that happened in america happening but it's here and it is dangerous this center is providing information and psychological support to friends and relatives who still don't know the fate of their loved ones. matt is one of those awaiting news she says the attacks will change new zealand forever. i think
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what's important is the utilities gathering to be. more spit on the focus in on the community and this is not the reason i'm secluded down to the bone the authorities here are still on high alert this is one of the two mosques where dozens were murdered as they met to pray on friday afternoon. as you can see the area has been heavily cordoned off and authorities have warned other mosques to keep their doors closed as investigations are under way but you can also see from the number of people here how deeply this is upset the local community in a city that is usually a quiet and peaceful place i spoke to people who told me they cried all night unable to believe that something like this could happen in new zealand. but a police warning for people to stay inside couldn't keep these residents of christ church from paying their respects to the muslim victims at a makeshift memorial. concert will hear you. probably from the muslim
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community right or right here but we want to. show that we support them this is a city where people stand to get there we've seen three price to give like this just i'm just feel sorry from the city that i know today christ church is in mourning and doubling down on its values as a multi-cultural society. let's get the latest now from new zealand and for that we're joined by journalist peter mckenzie who's in the capital wellington hello to you peter so it's an unspeakably horrific attack how is the country coping a day later. the only reaction. devastation it was just a really struggling to understand what this means for a country and to really understand the nature of the events that just use today as it's a really troubling time to the country well and specially in light of the fact that
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new zealand is known as a very peaceful place a very open place it's also quite small just five million people live in new zealand just how widespread is racism in the country. well you're totally right this is a smaller peace loving country and that's the reason why we were targeted. explicitly stated that he wanted to make a big a stash splash by targeting a country that has a strong record of of safety and peace with us and that's what makes it all the more despicable the attack really shows that our vision of ourselves as a peace loving country has really obscured growing islamophobia and pockets of new zealand and that's really come out in the schools threatening to have him there's been commentary from our race relations commission discussing just the deeply ingrained islamophobia this people of muslim people who are muslim have to suffer
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on a daily basis here in new zealand and that's something that you don't is really going to have to confront over the coming days and ways. well it said that the high number of casualties was a result of that type of weapons that were used in this attack and now the prime minister of new zealand says she's looking at actually tightening gun control laws what needs to happen. well the last time i got a lot was significantly strengthened it was in the us from up the last major mass shooting in new zealand which was nine hundred ninety nine while a mascot and since the commercially minor changes are gone most of the stated so at the moment we don't have a registry all the different far as that excess new zealand make it really quite difficult to track those. who owns what we also are allowed the position of some senor back we're going to switch with some small modifications we turned into the kinds of weapons that the shooter used in that horrific massacre so those are the
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two kind of main issues that look lighter on the table for example former coming weeks the prime minister a signal bushies came to look into this issue senior policymakers expressed a lot of eagerness and the police minister has a record of engaging in this issue and pushing people to forms that really looks like. journalists peter mckenzie talking to us from new zealand capital wellington thanks for your reporting. well let's talk a bit more now about the main suspect in the new zealand attack and to try and understand his motives for that i'm joined by rafael buss song he's an expert on terrorism and crisis management at the german institute for international security affairs rafael thanks for being here so what can you tell us about the background of the main suspect brant terrence and his possible motives well that's known so far is that he describes himself as a straightforward working class man who didn't go to university apparently he
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worked as a fitness trainer and that's basically it and i think we have to give some time to the investigation of the court case to unveil more about his real back or whether there is a particular personal crisis or other event that pushed him towards this extremism well one of the things that was mentioned by the prime minister of new zealand was that this man had traveled around the world do we know if he had any links to white supremacist or far right movements elsewhere well in this old manifesto and these are the things that we have to go on but that's of course something that we first have to test whether it's true so in his own with a festive he talks about having traveled to europe in the mid two thousand tens and that having influenced him particularly going to france i also saw that there is are apparently now some sheen that he might have been in the balkans where there's also entrenched extremist scene and also his weapons were sort of engraved writings
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referring to battles in the balkans and some of this kind of right wing network so this is credible but again that needs to be corroborated by an independent investigation and for that we need some time well you know in the wake of horrible attacks like this i think there's often this desire on the part of the public to do something to take some sort of action now we're hearing talk of perhaps changing gun laws in new zealand from the kind of security management perspective would that how. would that prevent future attacks such as this where there is no full security or guarantee against attacks so changing gun laws now may not be the solution to everything but in principle yes it is always a good thing from a terrorist counterterrorist perspective to restrict the access to weapons and it has to be said actually that apparently the perpetrator and to say that this is actually hopes that this will create a create a culture movement in the u.s. so it's a kind of a strange game off what the attacker really wants but i think the more important
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thing here is now to really realize that's the more the biggest thing not just because even the right wing terrorism is a strategic threat and that we need to reorient more resources from jihadist terrorism which remains very serious also to that transnational threat all right rafael but some from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you for that. let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world more than two thousand people in the lake have fallen ill after toxic waste was dumped into the kim kim river in the city of johor authorities were the closure of more than one hundred schools due to dangerous toxic fumes many of those affected are children and three men have been arrested in connection with the illegal dumping. italian prosecutors are launching a murder probe into the death of a witness in the under age prostitution trial against silvio berlusconi
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a witness moroccan modeling on if a deal had revealed damning details about sex parties that the former prime minister used to hold for me was acquitted on appeal before her death a deal had expressed fears of being poisoned. u.s. president donald trump has vetoed a measure from congress revoking his declaration of a national emergency at the us mexico border it's the first veto of his presidency congress will now need a two thirds majority in both chambers to override him which is unlikely to happen there's a voice. well turning now to paris where police have again been firing tear gas and water cannon as yellow vest protesters ignited fires and ransacked shops there the most violent street clashes in paris since december of last year this is now the fourth month of demonstrations by a loose coalition of activists unions and citizens they're angry with french
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president a monologue kron and his policies protesters accuse them of forgetting about ordinary people and instead favoring france's only. let's get the latest now from paris and for that we're joined by journalist john laurenson so john what can you tell us about the current situation in the french capital. there's been a lot of suggested a sudden upsurge of violence today over the previous weeks we've seen a tailing off but to date sun up so if you've seen a number of shots it's actually missions resume to killer famous mugs such as charge on going to spread so hugo boss eternally landry's to be seen also a nazi file which was started by the black bloc activists these are extreme left activists extremely well organized who behave in
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a constant military fashion or are always in a shooting shoe generous traditions they attacked a bank started a fire that eleven people were injured one woman and her baby had to be evacuated by fire fighters from the second through also another thinks he knows. very famous cafe or missions and he said it was attacked ransacked completely wrecked this place this is very much a suitable all of the political and economic elite in france it's weird because of who is he said reasons he's presidential election election victory in two thousand and seven with business leaders who got very much a criticized it for bats so a lot of violence today all right well with all of these violent attacks against these symbols of the elite of luxuries shops as you mentioned what are the protesters actually hope to achieve. well it's interesting i think to see why. these protests were civil and today i think we've got to say those are the facts
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that be this big dust consists of consultation exercise which was ever undertaken by million mark only two months ago and a great national debate as he calls it and this continued yesterday. through those those meetings you and numerous meetings all around the country over the last two months the the president has been trying to find out what the people want what's the. and the search people in general want so they've been coming up with a great list students of the things in there are asking for i think today the demonstrators were saying look we've heard we've now you see what we want now gets worse than this one it's going to take place i think for some of it was well let's stop talking now it's time for the super action and there are definitely people on these so you have this rallies now people want their initially november who got
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involved. have got involved since then right who really wants. to start he said ok journalist john laurenson reporting from paris many thanks. and you're up to date now on day omarion haven't seen from all of us. the floods have taken everything they are now despair he's got left climate refugees. they seek shelter. but even the waters rising. the floods.


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